Upgrading the Antivirus Software

How to Upgrade and Update Avira Antivirus

In case you are using Avira Antivirus free version, you can simply upgrade your subscription to Avira Antivirus Pro through the user interface. It will increase the benefits, smoothness, functionality and reliability of your software.

For business owners and professionals, it is always suggested as well as recommended to use only the most upgraded version for better results and complete safety. Our computer systems often contain many important files and credentials, which we can’t afford to lose at any cost. Moreover, hackers won’t think twice before using them illegally or destroying them.

So, keep your antivirus programs updated and upgraded and remain secured.

For Avira upgrade:

  • Go to the system tray and press on the respective antivirus icon to open it.
  • Go to the top right-hand corner and hit on the button ‘upgrade’.
  • You have a choice to go for the prime subscription or for the antivirus pro.
  • Now visit the official website of your particular program and hit on ‘upgrade’.
  • Confirm your order by clicking on ‘checkout’ and follow the instructions to complete the payment steps to end the procedure.
  • If you have to have more information in case of your product version, virus definition file, license validity, etc., you can hit on the question mark icon >> About Avira antivirus at the upper right corner of your user interface.

For Avira update:

  • Data carrier and computer should be connected without using internet access.
  • Go to the taskbar and find the icon for the respective program and open its control center.
  • Now, go to the menu bar and hit on ‘update’ and then manual update.
  • Choose the file, ‘vdf_fusebundle.zip’ from the connected data carrier and press on ‘open’.
  • Your antivirus software will update automatically to the latest definitions.

In case, you need any assistance to complete the process, you can always contact our team of experienced technicians for immediate response. Our team are well versed with all the issues associated with the product and also how to solve them. We are available 24/7 on call, chat and to give you the remote guidance.